Quicker Consents

Move in Sooner

The Angus, Dexter, Oxford, Suffolk and Highland house designs come with an MBIE MultiProof approval, which makes the building consent process much faster, and gets you into your new home sooner.

What is MultiProof?

Multiple-use approval for standardised building designs is a certification given to building plans and specifications that comply with the New Zealand Building Code (NZBC).

Building Consent

Our MultiProof designs will still need to go through the building consent application process. This allows the Building Consent Authority (BCA) to confirm:

  • The design, with any permitted variations, is the same as the design approved in the MultiProof.
  • The proposed site meets the conditions of the MultiProof.
  • Any site-specific features comply with the NZBC.
  • Which inspections might be required.

Planning permission, resource consent and site specific engineering may still be required. We recommend you discuss your local consent requirements with the relevant authority or your approved Clever Living Co. builder.

Our process